Promoting Social-Engagement among Psychology Students through Service Learning: “Pathways on becoming the Salt and the Light for the whole Human race”

    • Presentation speakers
      • Augustina Sulastri, Educational Psychology Department, Psychology Faculty, Soegijapranata Catholic University (SCU)


    The number and complexity of youth problems have tended to increase in recent years that teachers nowadays seem to face the most critical period in their career in which they have to retain the quality of teaching and the transfer of knowledge alongside to act as problems solver for their students. It is obvious that more hands are needed. School psychologists are professionals that perhaps posses the most suitable competence on handling the position of a school teacher as a problem solver. The current paper reports an effort to enhance psychology students’ interest to have careers as school psychologists through service learning method. Results of this SL project showed that these students reported an enhanced knowledge, understanding and awareness about the relationship between one’s ability and characteristic and the socioeconomic condition of the families. This project showed a significance that service learning method may help university students think in a new ways about their relationships with people who are unlike them, and thus lead them to become more tolerant and sensible school psychologist in the future.


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